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News Update: President Raymond Responds to the Strike

At 9 pm last night, President Raymond sent her much-anticipated response to the BIPOC-led student strike, which is now entering its sixth day, to the Haverford student body, faculty, and staff. In her eight-page reply, President Raymond expressed support for the goals of the organizers and outlined Haverford’s plan to meet their demands.

President Raymond promised that the college would take action on each topic raised by the strike organizers, from accountability for professors to better supporting LGBTQ+ students of color. As is commonplace at the college, she proposed that much of the work would be performed by several of Haverford’s innumerable task forces, advisory groups, and planning committees.

Yet for many students, President Raymond’s response was inadequate. On the official Instagram of the strike, organizers highlighted the statement’s lack of clear timelines and discussion of budgets, writing: “We don’t need your approval – we need action.” The organizers reiterated that the student strike will continue and promised to release a more formal response today.

With classes officially cancelled today in light of the election and President Raymond inviting the organizers to meet with senior administrators later in the week, it seems unlikely that the strike will be over anytime soon. The Clerk will have an in-depth analysis of President Raymond’s statement to come.

Correction: This article originally stated that President Raymond had planned to hold a town hall meeting on Wednesday, November 4 at 4 pm. Her letter actually invited organizers to attend a Zoom meeting with Haverford senior staff on November 4 at 2 pm. In their response to President Raymond’s letter, organizers requested that the meeting instead take place on Thursday, November 5 at 3 pm. The Clerk regrets any confusion caused by this error.


  1. A concerned faculty member November 3, 2020

    I haven’t heard anything about the town hall meeting on Wed — is that for students or organizers only?

    • David Edelman November 3, 2020

      It’s not totally clear from President Raymond’s statement. My understanding is that it will just be between senior administrators and the organizers, but they (the organizers) have asked for the meeting to be made publicly accessible in some format. It will also probably take place on Thursday, not Wednesday, since everyone’s expecting to have an election hangover tomorrow.

      David Edelman, Associate Editor

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