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New Music and Arts House to Create a Space for Collaborative Creativity

As Room Draw looms closer, a new community housing option called Music and Arts House is being offered in Apartment 50, which specifically encourages collaboration between students working on creative projects.

“We’re seeking to create a place where musicians and people of other disciplines collaborate and meet and share work,” said Sam Mayer ‘18, one of the founding members of the house. “If someone were shooting a film, maybe we could get some musicians to write the score, or if those musicians were working on an album, the visual artists could design the album cover.”

Music and Arts House intends to offer open mic nights, a recording studio, communal dinners, and smaller acoustic shows in common rooms. The members of the house have also petitioned to cover the pipes in the basement of Apartment 50 which would enable them to have bigger live shows from local bands.

At the root of the new house is the desire to make great contributions to campus through a common interest. After apartments 14 (Christian House), 15 (Ehaus), 23 (Quaker House) and Yarnall, Music and Arts House is the fifth community housing option to do so.

“We just thought it’d be cool to get a group of people together who love music,” explained Sam Mayer ’18, one of the founding members.

The interests of the house expanded from music to include the visual arts, thereby creating a space where artists of many disciplines can practice their craft and thrive. The current spaces that already exist for the fine arts such as James House, Lunt Basement, and the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery do not emphasize collaboration the way Music and Arts House plans to do.

“Community houses apply for their spots every year,” said Sam Hersh ’15, one of the Res-Life Committee Co-Heads. “This year we decided to increase the number of community houses to five due to the strength that we saw in the applications.”

After a brief hiatus from 2014-2015, Quaker House is also being offered again. Music and Arts plans on collaborating with Ehaus and Quaker House for preparing meals together. The deadline for applying to live in these houses has passed, but for future students there’s always next year!

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