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More and Less

It is wonderful to be with you at Haverford! Thanks to everyone who has told me something about yourself or about your Haverford experience, whether during Wendy’s Worner, an event, a meeting, or my evening campus walks with our little beagle, Peanut. Please keep it up! 

Though I have already learned so much about the College, I hope that every member of the Haverford community will contribute to my continuing education in the days and years ahead. 

I’m particularly eager to work with you to envision Haverford’s best possible self, now and into the future. This requires us to think about “more” and “less.” What more – or different, or new – should we undertake to make Haverford the best it can be? At the same time, what can we stop doing – or do less of – in order to complete our fifth and final year of a process that will get us to a sustainable budgetary equilibrium, so that Haverford has the financial resources to serve future students as fully as we serve today’s.

The challenge before us lies in how we get to “more” and “less,” for we could choose many routes. This is where you come in.

If I had a magic wand that could grant a wish, what would you wish for Haverford College? I’ve been using this question as a way of inviting people’s candid and imaginative thoughts about our shared learning community and our aspirations for it. Even though I do not have a magic wand, please send me your wishes! 

At the same time, please send me your ideas for what we can do less of or stop doing altogether, so that we may redirect money, time, or talent into areas we consider higher priorities. I’m all ears for your suggestions, large and small.

As I’ve engaged the campus with these questions, I’ve found people’s answers enlightening, insightful, and revealing. I anticipate your ideas will add to that collaborative wealth.

Please use this link before November 1 to tell me your magic-wand wishes and/or ideas of what we could stop or decrease doing. Many thanks in advance.

In gratitude,

Cover photograph by Ankith Suhas Pinnamaneni ’23.

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