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Maxwell Mondress ‘23 and Hannah Amendola ‘24 Assume Leadership at The Clerk

The beginning of the spring semester means a change in Clerk leadership, and Maxwell Mondress ‘23 and Hannah Amendola ‘24 are ready to take charge as Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor, respectively.

Throughout his tenure, outgoing Editor-in-Chief David Edelman ‘22 oversaw coverage of Haverford’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the implementation of reforms related to the 2021 student strike, the restructuring of the Customs program, and numerous changes in senior administrative staff, among other issues.

When asked about his successors, Edelman said, “I’m very excited for Max and Hannah to take over the leadership roles at The Clerk. Max has been a fantastic partner over the past year, and Hannah is one of our best editors.”

While Edelman may be stepping down as Editor-in-Chief, he looks forward to continuing his work with the Clerk in his last semester at Haverford. “Personally, I’m happy to be stepping back from managing the paper and returning to the life of a lowly staff writer—it’s quite a relief!”

Economics major and Math minor Maxwell Mondress is replacing Edelman as Editor-in-Chief. Mondress previously served as a News Editor and worked under Edelman as his Associate Editor. Mondress is excited to take over for his predecessor, saying, “I’ve been with the Clerk since I was a first-year, and I’m so excited for the opportunity to make the Clerk even better. David has been incredible over the past year, and I’m honored to keep up the good work.”

Mondress’ appointment as Editor-in-Chief is accompanied by the promotion of Hannah Amendola, who will take on the role of Associate Editor. Amendola is an intended English major with minors in Spanish and economics. She looks forward to helping the next generation of Clerk writers build their skills, saying, “When I was new to the Clerk, the Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor were extremely welcoming to me and helped me find my journalistic voice, so I’m hoping that I can do the same for new writers and editors this year.”

Mondress is looking forward to growing the Clerk throughout his tenure as Editor-in-Chief. “Before the Clerk, I never had much interest in journalism, but the experience has been eye-opening. If you’re not sure about joining, I invite you to give it a shot! There’s room for all sorts at the Clerk.”

In addition to the change in leadership, several new editors will be joining the Clerk staff at the start of the Spring 2022 semester. Zhao Gu Gammage ’25 will be a News Editor and Naren Roy ’23 will be an Opinions Editor. Matthew Denton ’24 and Fatema Mun ’25 will assume positions as Features Editors. Finally, Annemarie Wood ’23 and Riley Sobel ’24 will become Media Editors.

The Haverford Clerk meets Sundays at 7 PM in the DC Basement, room DC030. All are welcome to attend.

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