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Emi Krishnamurthy '24 (left) and Anagha Aneesh '24 (right)

Introducing a New Science Magazine at Haverford: Jolt

Although the elongated winter break welcomed many opportunities to sit back and relax, Emi Krishnamurthy ’24 and Anagha Aneesh ’24 founded a new science magazine for Haverford called Jolt.

Why Jolt, you may ask? The creative name incorporates the theme of electricity found in many STEM topics such as computer science, engineering and physics as well as hinting at the idea of pushing someone forward, perhaps out of their comfort zone.

The co-founders hope students are enlightened by what they read and that they learn something new. As Krishnamurthy put it, “‘Jolt’ has an electric ring to it! It kind of sounds like voltage—a shock or a surprise because you learned something new!”

The main driver for this new publication is to educate the Haverford community and encourage students to find an interest in the sciences. The idea was sparked when Krishnamurthy was looking for a campus STEM publication where she could read about research on campus and find out what students and faculty are up to. She struggled to find one. After confirming its non-existence with her friend Aneesh, the two decided to start their own.

Aneesh and Krishnamurthy are both passionate about STEM, and are eager to inspire others to take more STEM-related courses. While only first-years, these two young female scientists have some serious aspirations. Aneesh looks forward to using her love for “a world of numbers and equations” to solve real world problems as a prospective physics major, while Krishnamurthy is taking on her love for biology with a future concentration in either neuroscience or environmental studies. 

The two founders said, “We want to see more opportunities, leadership positions, and role models for women in STEM. We hope to break down barriers facing women and other underrepresented groups, even if it’s just in a small college magazine.” And what better way to inspire than through an online STEM publication?

Aneesh and Krishnamurthy plan to operate under the KINSC to cover Haverford research and STEM projects of both faculty and students. With a dedicated team of writers and editors, they also hope to cover news from the broader STEM community.

STEM research is becoming more important each and every day as we tackle the pandemic and climate crisis. Specifically, Krishnamurthy and Aneesh both hope to cover these major issues, how they relate to science and research, and how they affect us. Krishnamurthy said, “We’re both really excited to be even a small part of a greater effort to democratize science knowledge.” Perhaps this new publication will encourage students to participate in more STEM-related activities and research, or to support their scientifically motivated peers.

Aneesh and Krishnamurthy are eager to get to work, but are still looking for some writers and editors. As outlined in their letter, the co-editors in chief are looking for students interested in exploring news surrounding STEM research and projects. Additionally, students will gain experience in publication, research, and editing.

If you are someone who loves to write and would love to learn more about STEM at Haverford, email Krishnamurthy and Aneesh at They would love to hear about your interests and what you feel you could contribute to the publication. Here’s to two young women highlighting the power and impact of science!

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