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Haverford Switches from Coke to Pepsi

At the start of the second semester, Haverford students will notice a few changes in the beverage selection on campus.

Students will still be able to enjoy Coke products in the Dining Center and from the fountain machines at The Coop, but bottled Coke products will no longer be sold at Haverford.

The school has acquired an exclusive Pepsi contract for all of its bottled products aside from the categories of drinks that Pepsi does not sell, such as milk. However, the school still “retain[s] the right to sell specific items that are really popular among students,” said Bernie Chung-Templeton, Haverford and Bryn Mawr’s Executive Director of Dining Services.

Workers in The Coop and The Bookstore switched out Coke products over Winter Break.

“Pepsi brought in its new cooler and products last week,” said Bookstore Manager Lydia Whitelaw. “Pepsi has a very large selection of products that we are excited to explore.”

The old contract the school had for its bottled products was with Canteen, another beverage vendor. Canteen used to sell Pepsi and Coke in machines as well as its own products, so the products now available on campus will be less diverse. However, the new Pepsi contract the school has acquired is worth more than the Canteen contract, and may have some added benefits.

The Pepsi contract will provide more money for the DC, said Chung-Templeton, which will help in acquiring fresher foods.

“A little bit of money will help because, while the college increases the food budget each year, it is difficult for the school to provide all the money we need with rising food costs,” Chung-Templeton added.

There is also a section in the contract that claims “scholarship support dollars” will be provided for the school. Chung-Templeton explained that the ways this money could be applied range from “Pepsi simply giving us money [or Pepsi] giving us money based on sales or volume”  to “[Pepsi] supporting upcoming events with either money or equipment.”

Haverford will have to wait until the semester begins on Tuesday to gauge students’ reactions to the switch.

“I think people will definitely miss some of these brands and may not enjoy the Pepsi Cola brands as much,” said Marie Vastola ’16, who works at The Bookstore. “Though I would also assume some people who like Pepsi better will be happy.”

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