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Fords for Affordability: Open Meeting 2/12

Fords for Affordability (F4A) is deeply disappointed with the Board’s decision to discontinue the no-loans policy. We not only feel strongly that the no-loan policy was central to Haverford’s community, but also believe that it differentiated Haverford from its peer group and set Haverford apart as an elite liberal arts institutions committed to maintaining an ethical and diverse community.

F4A would like to extend its sincerest thanks to student body and alumni for coming out to support this effort. We were inspired to see how much energy people brought to this effort, and how willing students were to engage in the difficult and complex conversations that surround the no-loan policy.

Ultimately, this effort was about bringing Haverford’s commitment to cultivating a diverse, intentional, and ethical community to the top of its priorities. In the near future, Haverford will have to face many more decisions that implicate this commitment. We encourage everyone to carry forward the energy that’s been generated over these past few weeks into the conversations to come, and not to forget that Haverford’s community is its greatest asset.

F4A will be having an open meeting in Campus Center 205 on Wednesday at 9pm to discuss moving forward.

Contact Ian Gavigan ’14 and Emily Mayer ’14 for more information:,

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