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Dining Services welcomes new associate director

Anthony Condo

In September, Haverford dining services welcomed its new associate director, Anthony Condo.

Condo comes from the Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, where he spent three and a half years as director of SAGE Dining Services, Inc., a contractor.

Unlike Moore, Haverford operates its food service in-house and serves five times as many students. According to Condo, while Moore had around 500 students and only 180 on the meal plan, Haverford has 1200 students with 900 on the meal plan.

SAGE was a fairly small company dedicated to making food from scratch, says Condo. So he was especially impressed by Haverford’s efforts to provide local items, such as dairy and produce, and make things from scratch, like the breads and baked goods fresh from the Dining Center’s bakery, which is not common among colleges, he says.

One potential project Condo has been discussing with students is the Real Food Challenge, a nation-wide campaign challenging campuses to strive for more sustainable, local foods. The goal is to have 20% “real food”—local and community-based, humane, and ecologically sound food, by 2020.

About 90% of meals at Haverford are already made from scratch, so the 20% goal is feasible, says Condo.

In the meantime, he’s continuing the Dining Center’s tradition of “open dialogue” with students. Currently, students can leave suggestions through “napkin notes” or through a form on the DC website. The Dining Services development committee, which meets every other Monday, also has five student representatives.

Condo also hopes to create a Facebook page to increase awareness about developments at the Dining Center.

“We always welcome feedback and comments. We can’t say yes to everything, but if we can’t we’ll certainly give a valid reason why [not],” he said.

Photo by Sofia Vivado.

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