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Clerk Chronicles: Michael Elias

Title: Director of Student Activities and Leadership

Age: 28

Time at Haverford: Assumed current position this year


How did you come to work at Haverford?

I grew up in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and I graduated from Wilkes University in 2009. From 2010-12 I worked at Haverford College as a grad assistant in student life. When I finished my masters in 2012 from Drexel I got a job at Dickinson College. Then I came back to Philly to work at Swarthmore and now I’m back here, so it’s kind of been a trip around Pennsylvania for a while.


Have you noticed anything different about the Haverford community as opposed to other liberal arts schools you have worked at?

From a staff and student perspective, I feel like everybody is really collaborative. People are receptive to working with each other on different projects. Nothing feels like it is an independent project.

Haverford students in general put a lot of value in and care about the community. They feel very much invested in both the place and in making it more inclusive, engaging, and simply better. That is part of the reason why I wanted to come back here-the students are just so invested in this place.


How do you balance working on the 150 student-run clubs?

From my perspective there are varying levels of need and support for different groups. I think there are groups that we are constantly working with based on the size of the events they’re working on, like FAB or SECs. There are other groups that I see more on a one or two times a semester basis when they have questions about budgeting or planning.

I have also been working with Students’ Council, and I have participated in some great conversations about how we can start to make the assessment process for the treasurers a little bit easier and, in turn, get the organization to have better outcomes from the fall and spring budgeting processes.


What do you do for fun?

I’ve been a golfer since I was about 10 years old. I love golf. I have a dog who is now three years-I do a lot of walking and hiking with him. I also love indie films. I love finding that one good indie film or director that nobody knows about.


Are you binge-watching anything right now on TV?

I’m taking the season three of House of Cards incredibly slowly because I don’t want to finish it too fast. It’s a ton of self-control. It’s killing me, actually.


What is your favorite place to eat in the area?

In the Philly suburbs… Tiffin.


Good Will Hunting or Argo?

Argo; that movie was intense.

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