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Clerk Chronicles: Geoffrey Labe

Title: Director of Conferences and Events and Campus Center Services

Age: 32

Years at Haverford: 8


Where did you grow up?

I’m originally from Upstate New York, but I was only up there for my very small years. For the rest of the time, I’ve lived in and around the Philadelphia area in places like Allentown and then closer to Philadelphia. I went to high school in Lower Merion so I’m pretty familiar with the area.


What did you do before you came to Haverford?

I went to Drexel University in Philadelphia for Information Systems, so I did a lot of technology stuff. I also worked for a couple years at a market investment company in technology. I was  actually the night manager at The Coop when I was working at the investment company, and then I switched to being the day manager at The Coop.


What exactly brought you to Haverford?

I knew Haverford. Corey, one of the managers in the Dining Center who used to be The Coop manager, knew me, and as a trial run he got me working alongside the students. After that, I kind of took over The Coop operation, and I also started helping out with Haverford’s summer programs. Since The Coop is slower during the summer, it kind of lent itself well to that. And then I transitioned into my current role about two years ago.


What was The Coop like when you first started?

Eight years ago, The Coop was kind of different then it is now. There used to be a student-run pizza operation called Skeeter’s in the basement of Leeds. When the Campus Center was built, Haverford decided to combine Skeeter’s with The Coop. After that, the night operation was pretty much student-run.


What is your favorite part about working here?

I know you probably get the same answer from everybody, but I really enjoy working with the students. I worked a lot closer with students during my time at The Coop, especially at night when there was an all-student staff. Every semester we had 50 students rotating shifts, and I got to know a lot of them as well as all the customers that would come in.

Obviously in my new position I’m a little more set back from daily interactions with students, but a lot of students work the info desk and at Central Services. During the summer, there is also a smaller group of students that work directly with me that I get to know a lot better since we work more hours together, for better or worse.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

That answer changed about a year ago when my wife and I had a kid. I have an eleven month-old at home named Daniel, so right now what I do in my spare time is crawl around on the floor behind him. But before that, my wife and I used to travel. My wife loves NYC so we would go there a lot.

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