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Alison Rosenman ’20 Named Editor-in-Chief and David King ’20 Named Associate Editor of the Clerk

On Friday, December 21, computer science major and economics minor Alison Rosenman ’20 officially took over for Ellen Schoder ’19 as Editor-in-Chief of the Clerk. Schoder’s successful term saw the publication of several articles which accrued scores of likes and shares on social media, the creation of the Clerk’s new podcast, and several series including last year’s series on student work and this fall’s series on campus facilities. In addition to appointing Rosenman as her successor, she appointed David King ‘20, a religion and philosophy double-major, as associate editor.  

“Alison and David are both wonderful journalists and leaders. They are always receptive to new ideas, and I know that they will continue to pursue exciting projects and stories in their new roles. I have really enjoyed working with the Clerk staff during my term as Editor-in-Chief, and I can’t wait to see everything they accomplish this year!” says Schoder of her appointed successors.

Asked how it felt to ascend a rung on Haverford’s journalistic ladder, both Rosenman and King seemed enthusiastic about the prospect of taking on their new roles.

“I joined the Clerk editorial board last year as a social media manager, then spent this past semester as the associate editor,” Rosenman said. “So, I’m really looking forward to my new role since I’ll be able to combine all of the responsibilities and perspectives of my past positions.”

King expressed similar feelings about heading the Clerk. “I’ve been with the Clerk since my freshman year, and I am incredibly excited to have an opportunity to work with Alison to advance the purpose of the Clerk and its place on campus,” King said.  “As the opinions editor, I’ve written a lot about campus discourse and the role and responsibility of the Clerk to Haverford’s community. I am ecstatic about bringing the Clerk to new heights. Plus, Alison is brilliant and brings so much to the table. She is an animating leader and the Clerk is lucky to have her at the helm.”

According to Rosenman, new responsibilities will include the implementation of new multimedia projects and the expansion of the Clerk’s campus presence—and, of course, “whatever projects the community brings to us in the new year.” Between these, the “string of unusual Plenaries” that have been happening lately, the upcoming inauguration of new president Wendy Raymond, and current president Kim Benston’s recently-unveiled “Discourse on Discourse” initiative, Rosenman anticipates that there should be no shortage of news to cover. Rosenman and King, naturally, are excited to lead the Clerk’s writers, photographers, and artists in doing so.

“I’m so excited to work with David and the rest of the editorial board and staff to report on whatever 2019 has in store,” says Rosenman.

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