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Not a Response Piece

By Shewit Zerai '18 I really don't want this to be a response piece because I'm tired of being reactionary. I'm tried of having my thoughts and feelings framed in response to the fucked-up shit I read and see happening every day. In an academic and social environmen...
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Not All Opinions Are Created Equal

By Jaimon Olmsted '17 I write in response to David Canada’s piece The Supreme Court, Honor Code, and the Muppets: Reform for Free Speech and Expression, recently published in
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‘Majoritarian Morality’ and Civic Values

By Chelsea Richardson '18 In a recent article for The Clerk, David Canada argues that while plagiarism is objectively wrong, determining what constitutes racism and other bigotries is subjective. Canada fails to see that his designation of plagiarism as morally wrong is also subjective; i...
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Republicans and Trump Supporters Must Hold Themselves Accountable

By Miriam Hwang-Carlos '17 Content note: This article contains descriptions of hate speech and harassment. We now all live in Donald Trump's United States of America, and we likely will for at least the next four years. Hate crimes have
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Why I’m Angry: A Response to the Call for “Free Speech”

By Rebecca Chang '19 I am angry. Angry and tired, in fact. Angry that people think that the section of the Honor Code that was put in place to protect marginalized groups on campus hinders free speech. Tired of having to explain why and how racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, sexism, classis...
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Community Discussions and Being Put on the Spot

By Tania Ortega '19 As a student on full financial aid, I am not here to say “thank you” to the students (and their families) who are not on financial aid. But I am also not here to tell everyone all about my experiences as a student on full financial aid on this campus filled with wealth. ...
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Let’s Heal.

Written by 廖家祺 Kevin Jiah-Chih Liao ‘18 For students with any sort of privilege in areas of class, race, gender, sexuality, or more, what can we do to stand up? Remember that first debate watching party in Sharpless Auditorium? Remember how every time Hilla...
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[Latina] Girl Meets World

By Leslie Luqueno, '20 Coming from a 99% Hispanic high school, the transition from high school to college will be drastic because instead of being the majority, I will be part of the minority. While it is frightening to be a small fish swimming into a big pond, I feel like I am ready to take this ...