Author: Colin Battis

Photographer: Kate Silber 0

Students’ Council Sees Multiple Resignations in Move Towards New Procedures

Between the start of the semester and Fall Plenary, four members of Haverford’s Students' Council resigned from their positions. Officer of the Arts Olivia Legaspi ‘19, Class of 2019 Representative Sydney Dorman ‘19, and both of the Council’s Co-Secretaries, Addison Conn ‘20 and Rudy Hernandez ‘20, stepped down. Along with the previously elected Officer of Athl ...
Photographer: Silber 0

Changes to 2017 Customs Program May Signal Larger Shifts on the Horizon

After implementing a number of changes in the schedule and planning process of Haverford’s 2017 Customs program, co-heads Rachel Romens ‘18 and Saumya Varma ’18 intend to build on the year’s successes and setbacks in continuing to move towards broader structural modifications that have been discussed since the pair were appointed last year. From the moment that Cus ...