Author: Andy Beck

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A Letter to David

Your recent pieces in The Clerk have, as I’m sure you’re aware, caused no end of frustration in certain leftist circles on this campus. Whether this was your intent or not, I can’t be sure, but you’ve certainly had that effect. I’m not here to try to “take you down” or “destroy your argument” or anything like that; I’d just like to explore a couple key ...
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Haverford Joins LACOL: Q&A with President Dan Weiss

Last year, Haverford joined the Liberal Arts Consortium for Online Learning (LACOL), a consortium of eight colleges committed to exploring how rapidly changing online technology will impact the mission of liberal arts institutions in the future. The consortium was started by Pomona and Carleton last year and was soon joined by Claremont-McKenna, Swarthmore, Amherst, Vassar ...
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Student Quaker Retreat Interrupted by Manhunt

Last weekend, seemingly innocuous trip to the Poconos quickly took a turn for the chilling after news of a high-stakes manhunt in the area reached the ears of Quaker leadership on Haverford’s campus. Haverford’s Quaker Community, or QuaC, periodically hosts retreats as a way for students to get off campus and take some time to center spiritually. One of these retreats ...