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Controversial Athletic Amendment Narrowly Defeated At Plenary

(From left to right): Anna Saum '18, Lillian Alonzo '20, and Leah Budson '19 presenting their resolution at Plenary. Photo courtesy of Kate Silber '20.  At Fall Plenary, the resolution calling for a day of Collection passed after much debate. While many had concerns about quorum, campus jobs, and rescheduling labs, the biggest point of contention was the time the day end ...
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New Resolution Hopes to Make Plenary More Accessible and Inclusive

This coming Sunday Leah Budson '19, Anna Saum '18, Lillian Alonzo '20 are presenting Collection: Day of Community Engagement Resolution at Plenary. The resolution suggests changes to the pre-existing protocol for Plenary by making Plenary an all-day community event with workshops in the morning and plenary in the afternoon. One of the major changes is that Plenary would be ...
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Two Resolutions Passed at 2014 Fall Plenary

Photos by Ryan Gooding '16. Haverford’s Fall 2014 Plenary came to a swift resolution Sunday night, lasting less than two hours and reaching quorum within 20 minutes. Just two resolutions and the ratification of the Alcohol Policy were up for consideration, all of which passed with a majority vote. #1: Honor Council Procedure Modifications The first resolution was split i ...