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Community Members Meet to Discuss President Benston’s Rejection of Plenary Resolutions

On Tuesday, November 14, members of the student body congregated to respond to President Benston's denial of the two resolutions at Plenary.  This event was hosted by the resolution writers, and Leah Budson ‘19 facilitated the discussion.  The event was intended to be an open space for students to react to President Benston's decision and email to the community, and to ...
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First-Years React to Plenary

Members of the Financial Aid Resolution, featuring Chris Pence '18 (foreground). Photo courtesy of Kate Silber '20. On October 8, Fall Plenary took place. During it, two resolutions were presented, debated, and ultimately passed. However, this plenary had many unique aspects to it and perhaps most noteworthy were the difficulty of reaching and maintaining quorum and the #A ...
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Plenary Wrap-Up

Plenary featured a new layout inside the GIAC.  Photo courtesy of Kate Silber '20.  On October 8th, the Fall Plenary session passed two resolutions after much deliberation. Students’ Council provided packets in digital format this year, so the initial resolutions can be found in the emails that were sent out, but  there were some amendments and challenges that occurr ...