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Haverford Ash Trees Under Threat from Invasive Species

Ash tree outside of Morris Health Center. Photo courtesy of Kate Silber '20.  This fall, the Arboretum is preparing for the arrival of the Emerald Ashborer, an invasive species of insect that is expected to decimate Haverford’s population of ash trees over the next few years. The insect was first discovered in the United States in 2002 in Gary, Indiana. Since its arriv ...
Duck Pond Dangers Await Prospective Swimmers 1

Duck Pond Dangers Await Prospective Swimmers

Although swimming in the Duck Pond is one of several “unofficial graduation requirements” presented to incoming freshmen during Customs Week, students are cautioned to stay away. A broken aerator, a new rebar, a long overdue dredging, and increased numbers of snapping turtles and aggressive geese mean that a dip in the Duck Pond is more dangerous than usual. “I would ...