Author: Simon Poser

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Haverford Alum and Congressional Hopeful Molly Sheehan Visits Haverford College

On Thursday, April 13, Molly Sheehan ‘07 came to Haverford College to discuss her plans to run for Congress in 2018. Pennsylvania’s 7th district, in which Haverford is located, is likely to see multiple candidates on the Democratic side run. Democratic candidates for local offices also spoke. About fifty students in total came to the DC basement to hear Sheehan give th ...
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Ending Gerrymandering: A Discussion at Bryn Mawr College

On March 30, Bryn Mawr College hosted a discussion about redistricting in Pennsylvania and the public campaign to change the system through which district lines for political offices are designated. Nearly two hundred and fifty people were in attendance for the event held in McPherson Auditorium. The event was part of Bryn Mawr College’s series on voice, with this event ...
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The Left on Haverford’s Campus: A Coming Apart or a Team of Rivals?

The Democratic Party is undoubtedly in the midst of a political identity crisis. There are questions swirling around Haverford’s campus and across the country about what the Left is, what it stands for, and where it will go. In the wake of their stinging loss in the 2016 election to Donald Trump and the Republican Party, the Democrats have been soul-searching for both wh ...