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A group of geese reach the nature trail after disrupting traffic near on College Lane, near Haverford's main entrance on Sunday afternoon.  September 13, 2015.
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Students on Edge as Haverford Confronts Canada Geese Crisis

    FOUNDERS HALL—Tensions among students, administrators, and geese reached a boiling point last week after parties again failed to reach consensus on how to resolve a campus-wide avian emergency. At an emotionally-wrought community forum in Founders Hall, Haverfordians demanded that...
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The Mighty Mouse-or Mr. Trouble Always Hangs Around

There comes a time in every man's life when he is confronted with a tool that does not work. For some men, this happens in the college years. For others, it happens later in life and can be addressed with medication. I am sure it is obvious already that the tool that confounds us all on campus is...

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Security Summary 8/28-9/3

Sunday, August 30th  11:20 p.m. Alcohol Illness, Comfort Hall A report was received of an ill student at Comfort Hall due to alcohol consumption. The student was transported to Bryn Mawr Hospital by ambulance. Student returned to campus at 0550 hours.  Nurse and Dean notified...
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The SAT Essay Section: is it Necessary?

Across the country, high school students who are beginning their preparations for college will sit down and take the standardized SAT, once ubiquitously accepted as a part of a completed college application. As of 2010, this 3 hour and 45 minute exam incorporated an essay section that was meant t...

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Cricket at Haverford


Haverford cricket team, 1896. This was the first Haverford team to tour internationally. They went to England where they played against England’s top teams.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Most Haverford students can...