Monthly Archive: April 2013

BMC Security Brief 4/8-4/14 0

BMC Security Brief 4/8-4/14

Monday, April 8th, 6:36 am Medical Response Physical Science Bldg. Officers responded to the Physical Science Building on the report of an ill member of staff. The subject declined transport to the hospital. Tuesday, April 9th, 12:55 pm Veh. Acc.-On Campus Rad...
We’re here! Some of us are queer! 1

We’re here! Some of us are queer!

On the whole, this year’s Pride Week was a success. There were people at all of our events. We managed to get a wide array of speakers who facilitated some of the best conversations about gender and sexual orientation that I’ve ever had.  Most importantly, we created spaces for people to be ...

Our access problem 0

Our access problem

Admission into a top school is widely regarded as a crapshoot -- top private colleges like Haverford are receiving record numbers of applications each coming year, with all signs pointing to more people applying to more highly-ranked schools. Class sizes, however, remain relatively stable, meaning admission r...
SEPTA to hike fares and swap out old payment system 0

SEPTA to hike fares and swap out old payment system

Starting next year, passengers on the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, or SEPTA, can expect to ditch the tokens and start using a modernized 'smart card' payment system.

The new system also means fares will go up starting as soon as July 1 this year, the first...

A new look on gun violence 0

A new look on gun violence

“You have a story, and I’d like to help you tell that story.” That's the motto of the Gun Crisis reporting project, a nonprofit, open-source journalism organization that aims to change the dialogue on gun violence in Philadelphia.

The project’s founders, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist...

Haverford Security Summary 3/29-4/4 0

Haverford Security Summary 3/29-4/4

Friday, March 29th, 6:29 a.m. Noise Complaint 812 Ardmore Ave. Commercial tenant at 812 Ardmore Ave. reported that another tenant was banging something on the floor and walking fast in the apartment. Officers responded and spoke to the resident who stated that he was sleep walking and...
Who got into the class of 2017? 0

Who got into the class of 2017?

With acceptance letters out in the mail late March, the campus has been flooded with tours of eager admitted students and their families scoping out the 'Ford. While the Admissions Office won't have a full profile on the incoming class of 2017 until later this year, they've given us some initial numbers on th...