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College Debuts LIFTFAR, Financial Assistance Program for Low-Income and First-Generation Students

For many students, the excitement and anticipation of starting college also comes with the worries of how to afford it. Of course there are the forefront costs of tuition plus room and board, but many other “hidden costs” of college can often be unanticipated by new incoming students and their families. This can include a range of both regular and emergency costs, from ...
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Community Discussions and Being Put on the Spot

By Tania Ortega '19 As a student on full financial aid, I am not here to say “thank you” to the students (and their families) who are not on financial aid. But I am also not here to tell everyone all about my experiences as a student on full financial aid on this campus filled with wealth. The discussion that occurred Thursday, November 4 was spurred by Swarthmore’s ...
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New “We’re Not Here to Say Thank You” Campaign Starts Dialogue on Difficulties Faced by Students on Financial Aid

On Thursday afternoon the “We’re Not Here to Say Thank You” campaign drew nearly 70 members of the student body, staff, and faculty into the Bryn Mawr room of the Dining Center to discuss issues observed on campus related to class. Initially borne out of an article published in Swarthmore’s Daily Gazette which discussed class and financial aid on college campuses, ...