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As the 2017 Election Looms, Apathy Starts to Break at Haverford

In less than two weeks, on November 7th, the first local elections will be held since the election of President Donald J. Trump. While normally turnout levels in off year elections at Haverford are historically very low, there is a newfound energy and fervor on campus to get out the vote, especially on the Democrats’ side. “It’s heartening to see people interested in ...
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Everything You Need to Know About the November 7th Election

2017 is an off-year election: this means that there will not be any federal offices up for election, but there will be many local and state positions. The election will be held at Coopertown Elementary School on November 7th. Local elections often can have much more more direct impacts on people’s lives than federal elections can. Local representatives help designate mon ...
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New Study Shows Low Voter Turnout Among Haverford Students

This article is the first in a Clerk Special Edition on politics, free speech, and the election at Haverford. We will be releasing new articles every day this week. Haverford College, as a part of Delaware County, could play a critical role in the presidential election this year – but only if students show up to the polls. “I think we would consider students and Haverf ...