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Transparency, Confidentiality, and the Problem of Self-Governance

“We just have no idea what it means to govern ourselves,” my friend said to me, as we walked out of Plenary in the spring of 2017.     “At least we don’t anymore,” he continued.  “We’ve become so wrapped up in the institutional importance of Plenary, in discussions of what it means to be self-governed, that we do not even know what the term means anymo ...
Photographer: Kate Silber 0

Keeping Things Clear: A Call for Transparency, Honesty, and Accountability

Every successful relationship requires open and honest communication. This same concept applies for the bond between the Haverford student body and decision-making making bodies on campus, including the administration, Students’ Council, and Honor Council. Haverford prides itself on the concepts of mutual trust, concern, and respect, which inherently necessitates transpa ...