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Sexual Assault Awareness Month Events Hope to Shed Light on Difficult Campus Issue

The Women*s Center is hosting various events on campus this April as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), a national event that the Women*s Center participates in annually. “For us, it’s a month where we can do some really dedicated programming around the topic of sexual assault and awareness education,” said Qui Alexander, Program Coordinator at the Women* ...
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Student Assistant Hotline Reopens with New Changes

Last week, the Student Assistant Hotline, a 24-hour service run by the Women*s Center that offers help to students on issues of sexual misconduct, reopened. The hotline was not open earlier this year due to problems with the hotline’s phone. According to Qui Alexander, Program Coordinator of the Women*s Center, there are some new changes to this year’s hotline. “When ...
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Who Fears Discomfort at Haverford?

Do we hear contemporary buzzwords like “terrorist,” “safety,” “comfort,” and “free speech” so often that we take their meanings for granted? Or do we stop to consider: how are they used? Who do we imagine their subjects to be? What associations become naturalized with these words, and why? Recently, I have been thinking—raging, actually—about the activi ...