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Why the College Shouldn’t Take a Stance Against “Smart Drugs”

Last semester, The Clerk published an article detailing the use of “smart drugs” when they are not prescribed. As a participant in the survey that formed the base of this article, I want to address some of the complaints cited by opponents of non-prescribed “smart drug” usage on Haverford’s campus, as well as outline my own argument as to why the college should n ...
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“Smart Drugs:” Should they be Banned?

The surge of vitality a cup of coffee or an energy drink provides is a familiar experience for many high school and college-aged students. Now, however, a new stimulant is entering the conversation: “smart drugs.” So-called “smart drugs” include Adderall, Ritalin, and Modafinil and are typically prescribed to treat disorders such as ADHD. Students who do not have ...