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Republicans and Trump Supporters Must Hold Themselves Accountable

By Miriam Hwang-Carlos '17 Content note: This article contains descriptions of hate speech and harassment. We now all live in Donald Trump's United States of America, and we likely will for at least the next four years. Hate crimes have
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Why I’m Angry: A Response to the Call for “Free Speech”

By Rebecca Chang '19 I am angry. Angry and tired, in fact. Angry that people think that the section of the Honor Code that was put in place to protect marginalized groups on campus hinders free speech. Tired of having to explain why and how racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, sexism, classis...
Ben Horwitz '17 and Rachael Garnick '17 of the Haverford College Democrats watch election results come in at the watch party in Founders. Photo by Cole Sansome '18. 0

Trump Victory Stuns Haverford Community

By Andrew Eaddy '19 and Ellen Schoder '19 When we first started writing this article last night, we thought it would be a very different story. The polls seemed to predict a convincing win for Hillary Clinton, and we were preparing to cover the historic election of the first female president. ...
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Let’s Heal.

Written by 廖家祺 Kevin Jiah-Chih Liao ‘18 For students with any sort of privilege in areas of class, race, gender, sexuality, or more, what can we do to stand up? Remember that first debate watching party in Sharpless Auditorium? Remember how every time Hilla...