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Change the Politics, Not the Climate 0

Students Partake in People’s Pilgrimage

12 Bi-College students spent Saturday afternoon trekking from Haverford to the Reading Viaduct in Philadelphia as part of the People’s Pilgrimage, a global movement in which individuals participate in environment-themed walks to raise awareness of climate change. The students left the Campus Center at 12:20 p.m. and arrived at the Viaduct just under four hours later. Dia ...
Visiting Professors in an Insecure Job Market 1

Visiting Professors in an Insecure Job Market

Visiting assistant professors are typically hired by a college under one or two year contracts to fill in for professors who have gone on leave. Depending on the needs of the college, these contracts can be renewed for several years in a row. However, the waiting period for visiting faculty between one contract and the next can be draining. For Joshua Ramey, a visiting ass ...