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Dear Haverfriend: Party Animals, Mean Professors, and the Unacknowledged Hook Up

Hey, everyone! I am a real Haverford student and I have strong opinions about your life. Just remember that I can’t substitute for professional advice because I am an undergrad and consequently I know nothing. Dear Haverfriend, I’m a first year, and while I generally like my customs group, none of them really like going out. While I wouldn't call myself a party animal, ...

Black Beauty, White Standards

As Jennifer Aniston celebrates being crowned the World’s Most Beautiful Woman for 2016 and basks in the glory of her recognized, exemplary beauty, many women of color, such as myself, feel a familiar sense of disappointment. The crowning of Aniston marks yet another lost opportunity for People Magazine to bestow the title upon a woman of color. Jennifer has won the title ...

Why College Parties Make Me Sad and Angry

Modern hook up culture at Haverford is superficial, childish and detrimental to human relationships. From my experience, these, usually sexual, Saturday night encounters with ‘randos’ almost never mean anything significant to either party involved. The usual story goes as follows: it is Saturday evening, so you and your friends or teammates “pre-game.” After suffic ...