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Rethinking Finals

This article is part of a larger series exploring grades at Haverford. Earlier articles in the series can be found here. Non doctior, sed meliore doctrina imbutus "Not more learned, but imbued with better learning" - Haverford College motto What do our final exams and essays measure? What are they supposed to signify, and to whom? How do they fit into the mission of the co ...
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The Real Purpose of Learning: Why Haverford Should Change the Way it Grades

Additional reporting by Marcelo Jauregui-Volpe This article is the second in The Clerk’s “Grades Series.” In this installment, we explore how the current system of numerical grading is flawed. Prior to this article, The Clerk sent out an anonymous, self-selected survey about grading at Haverford. Over 300 students responded. GPA is a measurement that is often associa ...
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Deflategate: How to Fix The Problem of Grades (with Information)

This article is the first installment of The Clerk’s feature and opinion series on grading at Haverford and beyond. In upcoming articles, we will explore the perspectives of Haverford students and faculty. We will also examine alternative grading methods used at peer institutions. If the grade 3.0 is average, then there are three kinds of above average: 3.3, 3.7, and 4.0 ...