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Man Talk Workshop Provides Unique Space for Men to Discuss Sexual Assault

In an effort to address sexual assault and boundary violations on campus, Michael Bueno ‘18 and Women*s Center program coordinator Qui Alexander organized Man Talk last year. Man Talk was a facilitated workshop designed as a safe space for male-identifying members of the Haverford community to talk about how sexual assault and boundary violations apply on the college’s ...
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A Haverford Woman’s Perspective on Bryn Mawr, the Bi-Co, and Gender

I should preface this article by saying that my mother went to Bryn Mawr, my god-mother went to Bryn Mawr, her daughter went to Bryn Mawr, and many of my mother’s best friends went to Bryn Mawr. I grew up hearing stories about the many great times had at Bryn Mawr (as well as Haverford) and it played into my desire to go to Haverford and take advantage of the Bi-Co. I do ...
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We’re here! Some of us are queer!

On the whole, this year’s Pride Week was a success. There were people at all of our events. We managed to get a wide array of speakers who facilitated some of the best conversations about gender and sexual orientation that I’ve ever had.  Most importantly, we created spaces for people to be themselves and be part of a supportive community. However, I cannot escape the ...