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First-Years React to Plenary

Members of the Financial Aid Resolution, featuring Chris Pence '18 (foreground). Photo courtesy of Kate Silber '20. On October 8, Fall Plenary took place. During it, two resolutions were presented, debated, and ultimately passed. However, this plenary had many unique aspects to it and perhaps most noteworthy were the difficulty of reaching and maintaining quorum and the #A ...
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High Expectations, Low Support: A Report on CPs and Mental Health

I had an unusual Customs experience--or at least I thought I did. I applied to become a CP with my closest friend during the second round of applications, and soon we were chugging along through CP training and looking forward to next year. Complications started springing up about halfway through the semester, and then suddenly my partner had to leave Haverford. The follow ...
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[Latina] Girl Meets World

By Leslie Luqueno, '20 Coming from a 99% Hispanic high school, the transition from high school to college will be drastic because instead of being the majority, I will be part of the minority. While it is frightening to be a small fish swimming into a big pond, I feel like I am ready to take this next big step in my life. While many of my high school classmates decided to ...