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The Duck Pond: A Short History

On a cold winter’s day decades ago, children, their parents, and college students could be seen playing hockey, cutting broad figure eights across the ice, and invariably falling over and skidding across the surface of the iconic Haverford College Duck Pond. Later, they would go into the shack by the bank and melt the ice of their skates in an oil drum of hot water or dr ...
Duck Pond Dangers Await Prospective Swimmers 1

Duck Pond Dangers Await Prospective Swimmers

Although swimming in the Duck Pond is one of several “unofficial graduation requirements” presented to incoming freshmen during Customs Week, students are cautioned to stay away. A broken aerator, a new rebar, a long overdue dredging, and increased numbers of snapping turtles and aggressive geese mean that a dip in the Duck Pond is more dangerous than usual. “I would ...
Duck Pond Oil Spill Causes Concern 0

Duck Pond Oil Spill Causes Concern

On Sunday, January 26, a faculty member noticed the smell of fuel by the Duck Pond while he walked his dog. Upon hearing this report, Associate Director of Campus Safety Mark Sweeney and Assistant Director of Facilities Management Claudia Kent went out and discovered a sheen in the upper pond by Railroad Avenue. The incident is described in the Haverford Campus Safety brie ...