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Why I Didn’t Do Customs

Over the past few months, students have assembled into pairs, applied for Customs positions, and gotten matched to form teams. Many, if not all, of these people are incredibly passionate about Customs and the opportunity to be a part of a hallmark tradition of the college. And for the past two years, I’ve been asked several times why I haven’t applied to be a Customs-p ...
Guest Editorial: UCAs and Alcohol 0

Guest Editorial: UCAs and Alcohol

As a UCA for the class of 2018, if you had asked me a week ago for my opinion on Dean Martinez’s changes with UCAs and alcohol, I would have vehemently disagreed with him. I have softened my position since then, because I have heard him clarify a number of aspects of the policy. He has indicated that his only concern is keeping the UCAs from assuming criminal liability b ...