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[Latina] Girl Meets World: Deserving My Spot at an Elite Insititution

It is unbelievable to me that we are already way past the halfway point of the semester and that in just two weeks, final papers and exams will be taking the campus by storm. These past three months, I have had the blessing of meeting amazing students and faculty members that have truly made Haverford feel like home for me. Nearly a year ago, I stepped foot on this campus ...
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New “We’re Not Here to Say Thank You” Campaign Starts Dialogue on Difficulties Faced by Students on Financial Aid

On Thursday afternoon the “We’re Not Here to Say Thank You” campaign drew nearly 70 members of the student body, staff, and faculty into the Bryn Mawr room of the Dining Center to discuss issues observed on campus related to class. Initially borne out of an article published in Swarthmore’s Daily Gazette which discussed class and financial aid on college campuses, ...
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Is Effective Altruism Really Effective?

Coming out of the Peter Singer talk last week, audience members were abuzz at Founders Hall. Impassioned voices of frustration, anger, and incredulity were prevalent as students discussed Singer’s presentation, “The Most Good You Can Do,” which outlined his controversial perspective. Singer is moral philosopher and Princeton professor best known for his role in Effec ...