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What’s New About Customs

By Madeline Guth '19 and Tina Le '19 The Customs Program is one of the defining features that makes Haverford the institution that it is. The program is much more than an orientation program. Customs is meant to provide first-years with a support system that extends beyond their first year.  Customs introduces them into the ongoing conversations in the community through P ...
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Changes to 2017 Customs Program May Signal Larger Shifts on the Horizon

After implementing a number of changes in the schedule and planning process of Haverford’s 2017 Customs program, co-heads Rachel Romens ‘18 and Saumya Varma ’18 intend to build on the year’s successes and setbacks in continuing to move towards broader structural modifications that have been discussed since the pair were appointed last year. From the moment that Cus ...
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Changes to Customs

With training for Customs team members coming to a close, and the first-year class solidifying, the Customs program for the Class of 2021 is really taking shape. But this year’s Customs Co-Heads, Rachel Romens ‘18 and Saumya Varma ’18, said that that the program may look different in the near future. Although there are tweaks to the program every year, the Customs Co ...