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Upcoming Gallery Exhibit to Show Pieces Inspired by Berlin Wall

Following iconic images of rock and roll, flower children, and the Vietnam War, the picture of the Berlin Wall is a central memory of the Western World that is important both politically and aesthetically. The Second World War completely devastated Berlin, leaving a bombed-out husk of a city that was quickly populated by squatters, anarchists, and artists, among others, as ...
How Haverford rolls 1

How Haverford rolls

In the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, a row of five vibrant, yellow-and-red machines welcomes players, while the clattering of wooden balls fills the gallery. On the walls are the names of 1,920 individuals, all of whom are either enrolled at or receive a paycheck from Haverford College. Friday, March 16 marked the opening of the gallery’s latest exhibit, “And the Winner I ...