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Choosing Our History: Changing the Name of Thomas Hall

College Hall, Photo Courtesy of Carol Lee Diallo '19.  As a Haverford student who just started getting used to maneuvering my way around Bryn Mawr’s campus, I was concerned (to say the least) when I learned that there had been a change to one of the building’s names. On the surface, the new name change to “College Hall” from the former name “Thomas Hall” seeme ...
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A Haverford Woman’s Perspective on Bryn Mawr, the Bi-Co, and Gender

I should preface this article by saying that my mother went to Bryn Mawr, my god-mother went to Bryn Mawr, her daughter went to Bryn Mawr, and many of my mother’s best friends went to Bryn Mawr. I grew up hearing stories about the many great times had at Bryn Mawr (as well as Haverford) and it played into my desire to go to Haverford and take advantage of the Bi-Co. I do ...
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From the Archives: Before the Blue Bus

Bryn Mawr Wagons, Taxis, and Student Drivers. What did transportation between Bryn Mawr and Haverford look like before the Blue Bus was started in the late 1960s? Thank you to Special Collections for access to these articles! ...