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Ford Student, Mawrter Major

All Bi-Co students can choose to major at either college. Even if a discipline is offered at your home institution, you can elect to take it at the other. While it’s common knowledge that you can major at either school, as there are some majors that are only offered at one college - art history and geology can only be pursued at Bryn Mawr  and vice-versa, not many stude ...
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Please Diversify Your Syllabi: An Open Letter to Professors

Dear Professors, As you begin to finalize syllabi for your fall courses, I ask you to take a few minutes to do the following: tally up the number of authors you will be assigning that identify as white, and the number that identify as people of color. Do the same for gender identification. Then, I ask that you print these numbers (perhaps as percentages or in a short state ...