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Renovated Dining Center Basement Provides New Student Social Space

On February 3rd at 4 pm, President Kim Benston marked the grand opening of the newly renovated Dining Center (DC) basement by cutting the red ribbon. The renovation, which started in fall 2016, aimed to make the basement more appealing and usable for students. The space now has...
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Film Review: The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)

As part of the Clerk's mission to provide journalism that reflects the voices of the community, but also share content that is intellectually stimulating, we hope to initiate an Arts and Culture section. Kevin Medansky writes the Clerk's first film review as part of this effort. NOW STREAMING O...
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Activism at Haverford: A Brief History

For the most part, the majority of activism which Haverford students have taken part in is deeply entrenched in the school’s Quaker roots.  Looking through the archives of Haverford history found in Special Collections, which includes pictures from most decades of the 20
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Respecting All Activism

The Women’s Marches on Washington and on Philadelphia were empowering, peaceful acts of resistance for many, including myself and hundreds of Haverford students who participated. They drew masses of people from across the nation and from many different backgrounds who marched...
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Popping the HaverBubble

Opinion Editor Andrew Eaddy breaks down the misconception of the HaverBubble in the context of activism. In the wake of the election, students on campus have responded in a bevy of ways. Some have turned to pen and paper in an effort to share their thoughts in writt...
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What Do We Mean When We Say Fascist?

Jhoneidy Javier '19 shares his thoughts on protest rhetoric, and particularly, asks readers to interrogate the meaning of words such as 'fascism' in activism. Over Winter Break, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with my Grandma María. Being away at school...
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A Call for Justice

Our series continues with an exploration of Haverford student experiences phonebanking. The Clerk's Katie Rodgers decided to participate and see first hand how Haverfordians have been making change.  Haverford students have started phoning in for justice. An unaff...
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Introducing Ford in Focus

Part of our vision for the Clerk is to publish in-depth series discussing various issues on campus. We plan to publish focused, theme-based series once a month in what we're calling Ford in...