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Nick Gandolfo-Lucia: Making a Scene Since Middle School

was a Catholic and I’m an atheist. When you start to sit there at this place in between, it feels terrible.”

It is, however, this raw, unfettered emotion that Gandolfo-Lucia is so adept at conveying in his songs.

However, the singer’s dedication to his craft does not always make life easy. A few days ago, after feeling sick throughout the week, a two-hour run on Saturday morning left him dizzy. By 7 p.m. he was in the emergency room. Housecat was scheduled to play a release show for their new split album that evening.

At 10:30 p.m., it was still unclear whether Housecat was even going to perform. James House was packed with so many expectant Housecat fans that the windows fogged over and the overflowing crowd began to gather outside. Ryan Gooding ’16, the band’s guitarist, assured everyone that Gandolfo-Lucia would play if discharged in time.

Fifteen minutes before showtime, Gandolfo-Lucia strode through the door and was met with cheers. He was sporting a bandage on his arm where an IV used to be and an oversized t-shirt with the message: “RECLAIM LANGUAGE.” When he expressed his regret over the mic for missing the other bands, the crowd’s energetic cheers and frenetic moshing assured him that he was forgiven.  And, despite his stint in the hospital, Gandolfo-Lucia not only played, but did so with the enthusiasm and gusto expected of the front man.


Still a Loud Punk Band


With senior year here, the band sat down recently and talked about producing a full-length album—a musical thesis to cap their Haverford tenure.  

“We got together and said ‘Yeah, let’s do it. But if we’re going to do it serious, then let’s do it as artists.’ ”

Gandolfo-Lucia explained that this seriousness was something Dylan Verner-Crist ‘16 brought to the band.

“[Verner-Crist] is really musical and he makes us play as musicians. He has inflected that on me.”

When asked about the future, Gandolfo-Lucia is quick to say that their plans are all tentative.

“Whether anything gets written or recorded, that’s still up in the air. I would be happy just producing an extended piece of six or seven songs, partially because this is our last year. Braeden [Housecat’s drummer] still has school and the rest of us-Dan, Dylan, Ryan and I-will all be going away to different places.”

In the interim, Gandolfo-Lucia tells us not to expect anything drastically different from the band.

“We have our own little corner of the world and we aren’t interested in expanding that. We are a local band and want to stay a local band.”

They’ll still be playing apartment basements, making light of their feelings through songs and turning squash courts into performance spaces. As Gandolfo-Lucia put it: “At the end of the day we are still a loud punk band.”

You’re making a Scene, Housecat’s latest EP and all their music can be found online at Nick’s solo work can be found at

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