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Film Review: The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)

As part of the Clerk's mission to provide journalism that reflects the voices of the community, but also share content that is intellectually stimulating, we hope to initiate an Arts and Culture section. Kevin Medansky writes the Clerk's first film review as part of this effort. NOW STREAMING O...
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Haverford’s Andy Warhol Collection Spectacularly Unveiled

It’s not everyday you walk into a Haverford academic building and stumble across internationally acclaimed artwork, but sure enough, propped up against the wall of The Atrium Gallery in the Marshall Fine Arts Center sit dozens of Andy Warhol's Pop Art prints. Over the past ei...
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Republicans and Trump Supporters Must Hold Themselves Accountable

By Miriam Hwang-Carlos '17 Content note: This article contains descriptions of hate speech and harassment. We now all live in Donald Trump's United States of America, and we likely will for at least the next four years. Hate crimes have
Members of Haverford's mens soccer team bring it in for one last cheer after having upset No. 1 ranked F&M by a score of 3-1 on Saturday morning. October 24, 2015.
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Men’s Soccer’s Successful Season Ended by Unsportsmanlike Opposition

Last Sunday, Haverford Men’s Soccer faced off against UMass Boston in the second round of the NCAA Division III Men’s Soccer tournament. Coming off a second consecutive conference-winning season, and having beaten their last opponent, Merchant Marine, by a convincing score line of 5-1 in the previous roun...