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Jeff Gladney: A Man of Music and Merriment

Whether the soothing vocals of Luther Vandross or the catchy beats of Michael Jackson are playing, the omelet station in the Dining Center is one of the grooviest spots on campus. All of this is due to Jeff Gladney, a 6’2’’ gentle soul who can be depended on daily for fist bumps and morning pick-me-u...
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Submit to WeSpeak

WeSpeak is a Quaker style open forum for students of color at Haverford to express their thoughts and experiences in a context that prioritizes their voices. This is for those students who either weren't able to attend or don't vibe with the idea of standing up in front of a room full of people to share what ...
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Club Sports vs Varsity Athletics: A Game of Resources

Sports are quite prevalent in most Haverford students’ lives: 40% of students participate in varsity athletics and another 30% participate in club sports. The experiences of club and varsity athletes are similar, yet distinct. This is partly due to the reasons that one might choose to participate in one ...
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Layout Pigout: An Ultimate Tournament in Photos

This weekend witnessed the 22nd Layout Pigout, one of two annual tournaments hosted by Haverford's men's ultimate frisbee team, Big Donkey Ultimate. Out of the twenty schools competing, the Donkeys finished fourth and the University of Richmond Spidermonkeys won with a perfect 7-0 record. Thanks to Hanna...
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We Need to Talk About CAPS: A Critical Look at Vital Campus Resource

This piece is part of an ongoing series about mental well-being at Haverford. Past articles can be found here. Two weeks ago, The Clerk released
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The Stress of Silence: Discussing Grades and Student Well-Being

This article is the first installment in a larger series about mental well-being at Haverford When discussing concrete ways the Social Honor Code manifests itself at Haverford, our unwritten policy not to discuss grades is ofte...