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Plenary Round-up

On Sunday, February 19, the Gardner Integrated Athletic Center (GIAC) was silent as students began Plenary with a Quaker silence.  Students had gathered there to discuss and open ratification of the Honor Code, along with seven other resolutions.  Something about this Plenary was different, though.  The ai...
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Activism at Haverford: A Brief History

For the most part, the majority of activism which Haverford students have taken part in is deeply entrenched in the school’s Quaker roots.  Looking through the archives of Haverford history found in Special Collections, which includes pictures from most decades of the 20
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Ford Student, Mawrter Major

All Bi-Co students can choose to major at either college. Even if a discipline is offered at your home institution, you can elect to take it at the other. While it’s common knowledge that you can major at either school, as there are some majors that are only offered at one college - art history and g...
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Clerk Chronicles: Joe Binotto, General Manager of Dining Services

How did you get started in food service? I actually worked my way through school in restaurants. When I was in high school and college, I did various positions in a family-owned Italian restaurant in New York. I did everything from bussing tables to waitering. I learned how to cook, ma...