Author: Nick Barile

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Wesleyan Newspaper Outrage is a Warning for Haverford

Two weeks ago, The Wesleyan Argus found itself facing a barrage of demands, threats, and harassment. At issue was the Argus’ publication of an op-ed that expressed reservations about the strategic viability of the “Black Lives Matter” racial justice movement. The author, Bryan Stascavage, contended that more steps should be taken by BLM supporters to discourage what ...
A group of geese reach the nature trail after disrupting traffic near on College Lane, near Haverford's main entrance on Sunday afternoon.  September 13, 2015.
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Students on Edge as Haverford Confronts Canada Geese Crisis

    FOUNDERS HALL—Tensions among students, administrators, and geese reached a boiling point last week after parties again failed to reach consensus on how to resolve a campus-wide avian emergency. At an emotionally-wrought community forum in Founders Hall, Haverfordians demanded that the skyrocketing Canada Geese population be brought under control. “It’s ...
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Customs Program Changes Attract Student Criticism

For most Haverford students, the summer is a time for some much needed rest and relaxation. But for those students who volunteer in Haverford’s Customs Program, it means anxiously awaiting an influx of 300 newly minted college freshmen who will be entrusted to their care. The Customs Program has been a hallmark of Haverford’s first year experience for decades, providin ...
Dousing the Blaze: Debunking the President’s Remarks on the Smoking Policy 2

Dousing the Blaze: Debunking the President’s Remarks on the Smoking Policy

During a lazy Saturday afternoon, an innocuous email notification pinged the phones of Haverford’s Sophomore Class. For those who opened what appeared to be another typical Students' Council broadcast, a simple yet powerful sentence awaited: “Dan Weiss is seriously considering making Haverford a smoke-free campus.” Over the next 24 hours, a flurry of gossip exploded ...
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Open Parties Should Be Maintained, Even in Face of Recent Incidents

Over the past month, Haverford students have been confronted with the uncomfortable reality that our campus is not impermeable. No longer is the supposed “Haverbubble” an insulation from the outside world; an influx of party crashings and a recent assault have all put pressure on the concept of the Open Campus. Recent incidents also speak to a greater issue about the s ...
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Duck Pond Dangers Await Prospective Swimmers

Although swimming in the Duck Pond is one of several “unofficial graduation requirements” presented to incoming freshmen during Customs Week, students are cautioned to stay away. A broken aerator, a new rebar, a long overdue dredging, and increased numbers of snapping turtles and aggressive geese mean that a dip in the Duck Pond is more dangerous than usual. “I would ...