Author: Maddie Becker

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Pennsylvania Legalizes Medical Marijuana: It’s About Time

Last Sunday, April 17, Gov. Tom Wolf signed The Medical Marijuana Act (SB 3) into law, making Pennsylvania the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana. What does this mean for healthcare? Considering what marijuana has done for my grandma, I’ll be the first to say a lot. When my mom first told me she was considering medical marijuana for my grandma, I couldn’t believe ...
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A New Kind of Record Label: Eddie Sanchez and the Rise of Tropical House Music

Co-written by Zach Alden. As every good (and bad) start-up musician knows, topping the charts isn’t exactly easy. There’s the difficulty of getting your music out there, gaining recognition, and finding an audience willing to click “Follow”—and that’s assuming your music is good. Upload your music to YouTube, SoundCloud, or Instagram and it’s hardly more of a ...
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Our Obsession with France’s Flag Should be a Red Flag

Social media is a powerful thing. Sites like Facebook and Twitter inform us about one another, unite us under a common social rhetoric, give rise to the Occupy Wall Streets and power to Bernie Sanders, make us smile, laugh, and cry together, and bring the corners of our earth that much closer. Other times, they serve as a painful reminder of the deep chasm that divides our ...