Author: Kate Silber

Photo Essay: Magill Library Prepares for Renovations 0

Photo Essay: Magill Library Prepares for Renovations

During the Fall 2017 semester, Magill Library's staff packed up the entire collection to prepare for its renovation starting Spring 2018. As students finished up end-of-semester assignments and began studying for finals, books were steadily sorted and removed. These photographs show the process of packing up Magill Library in its final few weeks; it is now closed for const ...
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Emily Chazen ‘18 Commemorates Fourth and Final Customs Program Experience with Customs Photo Contest Prize

All Haverford students share the experience of the Customs first-year orientation program. This year, The Clerk held a Customs Photo Contest on social media that was open to all first-year students and members of Customs teams. With a $10 Wawa gift card on the line, the community was invited to vote between three of the Clerk’s favorite submissions. The winning photograp ...
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Do You Know Your Representatives? The Faces of Students’ Council and Honor Council

A total of thirty-nine elected representatives make up Haverford College’s Students’ Council and Honor Council. Earlier this month, editors from the Clerk sat in the lobby of the Dining Center to ask passing students if they could name just five: their class representative in Students’ Council and their four class representatives in Honor Council. Many students could ...