Author: Katie Rodgers

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New Resolution Hopes to Make Plenary More Accessible and Inclusive

This coming Sunday Leah Budson '19, Anna Saum '18, Lillian Alonzo '20 are presenting Collection: Day of Community Engagement Resolution at Plenary. The resolution suggests changes to the pre-existing protocol for Plenary by making Plenary an all-day community event with workshops in the morning and plenary in the afternoon. One of the major changes is that Plenary would be ...
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A Call for Justice

Our series continues with an exploration of Haverford student experiences phonebanking. The Clerk's Katie Rodgers decided to participate and see first hand how Haverfordians have been making change.  Haverford students have started phoning in for justice. An unaffiliated group of students have held phone banks  this fall semester for protesting the Dakota Access Pipelin ...
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Ford Student, Mawrter Major

All Bi-Co students can choose to major at either college. Even if a discipline is offered at your home institution, you can elect to take it at the other. While it’s common knowledge that you can major at either school, as there are some majors that are only offered at one college - art history and geology can only be pursued at Bryn Mawr  and vice-versa, not many stude ...