Author: Kofi Kwakwa

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The Athlete, Non-Athlete Relationship at Haverford College

When describing the relationships between athletes and non-athletes at Haverford College, classifying it as perfectly harmonious would be inaccurate. At the same time,  labeling it as a ‘divide’ would be equally ignorant. In terms of NCAA Division III Liberal Arts Colleges, Haverford is home to one of the largest varsity athlete percentages at 42%, according to Wendy ...
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Choosing Our History: Changing the Name of Thomas Hall

College Hall, Photo Courtesy of Carol Lee Diallo '19.  As a Haverford student who just started getting used to maneuvering my way around Bryn Mawr’s campus, I was concerned (to say the least) when I learned that there had been a change to one of the building’s names. On the surface, the new name change to “College Hall” from the former name “Thomas Hall” seeme ...