Author: Jeff Duncan

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What Happens when Honor Council Trial Resolutions are not Completed?

Several weeks ago, Haverford’s Honor Council released an abstract called Bones. In the abstract, the confronted party did not complete its trial resolutions and attempted to subvert Honor Council by returning to campus for classes the next semester despite being separated from the community. The trial raised questions from students about what power Honor Council has when ...
After months of preparations, Green Engine Coffee Co., Haverford's newest artisanal coffee shop, will be opening its doors on Wednesday, November 4.  
October 30, 2015.
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What’s Brewing at Green Engine Coffee Co.?

If you’re not feeling the buzz, you soon will be at the Mainline’s newest coffee bar, Green Engine Coffee Co. Founder and successful sommelier Zach Morris, 35, is bringing some of the best beans in Philly to the Mainline with Rival Bros.’ roasts. While you might be wondering what a Philadelphia wine guy is doing on the Mainline opening up a coffee bar, Morris clarifi ...
Evan Hamilton '17, one of the handful of men working to bring the top-knot to Haverford's campus.  September 25, 2015.
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The Lowdown on the Topknot

  Across the nation, a certain hairstyle has been tying discussions up in, well, knots. The polarizing hair style, the topknot, recently made headlines after it was banned at the Mormon institution, Brigham Young University. The school officials were quoted as saying the hairstyle was “extreme.” With the rise of the topknot and its recent media interest, it seemed ...
Nick Gandolfo-Lucia, front man for Haverford's own "You're Making a Scene Housecat", during the production of their split EP with Water Polo. March 15, 2015.
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Nick Gandolfo-Lucia: Making a Scene Since Middle School

  Who is Nick Gandolfo-Lucia?   “There comes a point in every middle school boy’s life when you realize you are not very spectacular. That sounds depressing, but it made me pick up a guitar and start thinking about who I am.” Nick Gandolfo-Lucia ‘16, the lead man of the Haverford punk band You’re Making a Scene, Housecat, stares off towards the observat ...
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The SAT Essay Section: is it Necessary?

Across the country, high school students who are beginning their preparations for college will sit down and take the standardized SAT, once ubiquitously accepted as a part of a completed college application. As of 2010, this 3 hour and 45 minute exam incorporated an essay section that was meant to “show how effectively you can develop and express ideas,” according to t ...