Author: Hannah Krohn

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Why ‘Tyranny’ of the Majority At Haverford is not Silencing Free Speech

Free speech is not being impeded at Haverford College through the Social Honor Code or its implementation. I am sorry that the author feels that unpopular opinions are being silenced and the people with these opinions are being discriminated against, but that is not the case. I wish I could stop this article here, but I can’t, because the article is riddled with egregiou ...
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Why We Need Need-Blind

Our Quaker heritage is often brought up to show how different we are from other academic institutions, both in our mission and our quotidian goings on. I believe in the core of my being that Haverford is a unique, special and wonderful place. The focus on community is a large part of what makes Haverford so special. This community is made up of the brightest and kindest pe ...
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A Haverford Woman’s Perspective on Bryn Mawr, the Bi-Co, and Gender

I should preface this article by saying that my mother went to Bryn Mawr, my god-mother went to Bryn Mawr, her daughter went to Bryn Mawr, and many of my mother’s best friends went to Bryn Mawr. I grew up hearing stories about the many great times had at Bryn Mawr (as well as Haverford) and it played into my desire to go to Haverford and take advantage of the Bi-Co. I do ...